They say a picture is worth a thousand dudes. And if there’s one thing the Obscure Gentlemen, Plain Zero and 12 For A Penny family have, it’s dudes. And pictures of said dudes. This round, we’re challenging you to write a tweet inspired by one of the four pictures below. Your tweet can be a caption for the picture you chose, a story based on the picture, dialogue for the scene in question, or a response or commentary to what you see.

Theme: Picture Tweets. Tweet a picture and write about it.

Due:  9/1 11:34 am PST

Reminder: Tweet as many or as few potential entries as you want. Submit as soon as you wish or wait until the deadline. Judging will not commence on your matchup until both you and your opponent have submitted your tweets. If you have any questions for the judges, DM them to @theobscuregents. Additionally, please remember that Obscure Gent himself is not a judge, gets no vote, and is barred from expressing his opinion or attempting to sway the judges. In this way, we protect your anonymity and the integrity of the contest.