Obscure For A Penny Zero 6: From Ashes We Rise


Congratulations on surviving the first round of the OFAPZ games! That was a brutal round. But if you’re here, it means you’ve got what it takes to go the distance. Or maybe it means your opponent choked. Or perhaps it means our judges don’t know what they’re thinking. It could mean anything, really.

But whatever it means, this round we’re giving you the opposite challenge: instead of using the full limit of Twitter’s capabilities, we’re asking you to be brilliant and funny in as few words as possible. Ten words to be exact.

Theme: Any new tweet using 10 words or less. By New we mean anything after the time stamp on this blog: 3:41pm PST

Due: 08/30 11:34 AM PST

Instructions: Tweet must be both posted and DM’d to @theobscuregents by the date and time above.

Reminder: Tweet as many or as few potential entries as you want. Submit as soon as you wish or wait until the deadline. Judging will not commence on your matchup until both you and your opponent have submitted your tweets. If you have any questions for the judges, DM them to @theobscuregents. Additionally, please remember that Obscure
Gent himself is not a judge, gets no vote, and is barred from expressing his opinion or attempting to sway the judges. In this way, we protect your anonymity and the integrity of the contest.