Congratulations on making it to the Sweet 16. The judges would like you to know that our last round may have been the highest quality and most competitive round of tweets in OFAPZ contest history. It says a lot that you made it through.

Now on to our new theme: Famous quotes. They’re famous and they’re quotes, fam. But we’re asking you to put a new spin on some of the most recognizable quotes from the worlds of film, music, literature or politics. Choose one of the four quote-starters below and write a tweet that includes it. You don’t have to use the quote at the beginning of your tweet, you just have to include it somewhere within the new statement you compose.

Theme: Quote tweets. Write a new tweet that includes part of a famous quote.

Quotes to Choose From:

– We’re gonna need a bigger

– Tear down this

– Three sons have I and

– Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world

Due: Tuesday 9/5 11:34PST

Instructions: Tweet must be both posted and DM’d to @theobscuregents by the date and time above.

Reminder: Tweet as many or as few potential entries as you want. Submit as soon as you wish or wait until the deadline. Judging will not commence on your matchup until both you and your opponent have submitted your tweets. If you have any questions for the judges, DM them to @theobscuregents. Additionally, please remember that Obscure Gent himself is not a judge, gets no vote, and is barred from expressing his opinion or attempting to sway the judges. In this way, we protect your anonymity and the integrity of the contest.