Obscure For A Penny Zero 6: From Ashes We Rise


A great woman once said, “140 characters aren’t a lot, but when you know how to use ’em, they’re all you need.” That person’s name was @BeeFanaticIReuseTweets42o. So show us what you’ve got using the full character count available to you, fam and friends! Make us laugh. Make us cry. Or make us meh, and then blame us for being dumb when you lose.

Theme: Any new tweet using ALL 140 characters (no less).

Due: Monday August 28th 11:38 AM

Instructions: Tweet must be both posted and DM’d to @theobscuregents by the date and time above.

Reminder: Tweet as many or as few potential entries as you want. Submit as soon as you wish or wait until the deadline. Judging will not commence on your matchup until both you and your opponent have submitted your tweets. If you have any questions for the judges, DM them to @theobscuregents. Additionally, please remember that Obscure Gent himself is not a judge, gets no vote, and has zero credibility with the judges.

Obscure Gent

OG Brackets 1

OG Brackets 2