Round 2: A humorous dialogue tweet.

Let’s run it back, fam! For Round 2, we’re asking you to submit a funny tweet with the opposite stipulation from the previous round: it HAS to take the form of back-and-forth dialogue between (at least) two parties.

Wife: Hey did you [blah blah blah nag nag]
Husband: Ah durrr! Doop da doo.
Wife: *sips coffee while thinking of dads*
Husband: Karen!! *farts*

See how that tweet was structured? Do that. See how that tweet wasn’t funny and relied on exhausted and offensive tropes about the nature of human relationships? Don’t do that. You’re better than that, fam.

You know the rest: New tweets only. Tweet or draft as much as you want. Then submit only one any time between now and May 3rd at 11:34 AM CT. Once we have both your tweet and your opponent’s tweet, judging will begin and the battle will be announced @theobscuregents account. The winner will be announced as soon as a verdict is reached.

Thank you buddy.