Round 1: A humorous tweet without using dialogue.

Here we go, fam! Let’s kick off this 128-contestant slobber knocker with a real doozy of an opening round. We want you at your funniest, but with a stipulation. No tweets that take the form of back-and-forth dialogue. NEW TWEETS ONLY!

You know what we mean. None of this:

Wife: Does this tweet make me look fat?

Me: Karen!!!

Wife: *Drinks wine in an Arby’s parking lot*

Other than that, be as hilarious as you can in any format you can.

Tweet or draft as much as you want starting. now. Then, submit one tweet entry of your own choosing at any time between now and May 1st. Once we have both your tweet and your opponent’s tweet, judging will begin and the battle will be announced with the entries via @theobscuregents account. After a verdict has been reached, the winner will be announced immediately.

Tweet Deadline: 11:34AM CT May 1st

Good hunting and thank you buddy.