Theme: Advice

Congratulations on surviving the gauntlets of one-liners and dialogue alike. To those of you who deserve to be here by virtue of your craft, humor and wit, we salute you. To those who skated through because your opponent decided to meta-tweet about tweeting in a tweet contest, we salute you too because wtf? smh fam. 

Now, let’s keep it simple: Give us some advice. Good advice. Bad advice. Life advice. Financial advice. Caring and sympathetic advice about what to do if your significant other wants to be lifted and carried. Savage and ratchet af advice about surviving in a world where white men think climate change is as fake as the moon landing. Now go forth and don’t come back until you have your opponent’s head on a spike. Or until they tweet “advice about doing a twitter contest” and you win by default.

Tweet due by: Friday May 5, 11:34am CT