Written by: Robert KirkmanThe Walking Dead Vol.7

Art by: Charlie Adlard


Collects Issue #73-84

I’ve been a huge fan of the Walking Dead comic since the beginning, I stress again the comic and not the TV show with 3 minutes of good and the rest an exercise in boredom. In the last book we started to see moments of our heroes turning out to be more aggressive than they used to be while still staying true to their characters. A lot of the new people are introduced here and then dismissed as the cannon fodder that they were created to be. Kirkman used to set up characters well in the beginning to where you formed a connection with them, so that when they died, you felt the gravity of it. In vol.7 newly introduced people are offed just so Rick can go on a lame speech about humanity being the real threat. I fear that Kirkman may be phoning it in now with his TV show being the major hit that it is. I kind of wished the Walking Dead would just end before I start to hate it.