Written By: Allan HeinbergThe Children's Crusade

Art By: James Chung


When the initial solicits for Young Avengers came out in 2006 I was angered. There are many things that I hate in life and one of those things are kid versions of established characters. From the Muppet Babies to the Muppet Babies, I hate hate em’! The problem I had going into this teen gimmick comic soon disappeared when I actually read it. Heinberg and Chung changed my mind with great twists in story and beautiful artwork on every page. So from that point on I was a Young Avengers fan…Until volume 2 came out and I was slapped in the face with a mediocre story that at least had brilliant comic book art.

Now to this third installment of Avengers: Children’s Crusade. Chung once again proves that he’s one of the best in the comic book industry with page after page of unforgettable images of flowing story telling. Even when the characters just talk to each other it’s worth taking note of. Heinberg also returned as he originally had with quick dialogue and well placed character emotion. Next to not liking the children characters gimmick I have a great hatred for the resurrection gimmick, yet the way they bring the Scarlet Witch back to the Marvel Universe proper is done in what I feel is a great way. On par with Whedon bringing back Colossus even. The ending is also worth noting that I feel it’s touching and yet on point with how teenage heroes would act after going through the traumatic events of the Children’s Crusade. While Allan doesn’t write often I still look forward to his next installment.