Today’s 100th strip takes us to a place most Facebook users can relate to: when a person posts something on his wall saying he liked something or enjoyed it, there always has to be some ass who comes along and attempts to diffuse that fun by basically being a dick. So, I thought about applying it to real life.

100 web comic strips completed and all done working with two talented gentlemen, my brothers. When I started doing this, I never had any thoughts about becoming famous or making money. My main goal was to bond even further with two of the greatest little brothers that I could have ever have asked for. They have always made me laugh and doing this web comic with them is one of my greatest joys in life. I hope it will continue for many years to come.

I would of course love to thank our great fans who enjoy reading us twice a week, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. I would also like to thank my friends and family who inspire me to use their stories and likenesses to tell those stories. That being said, we will attempt to continue to entertain you as well as ourselves.

Lastly I need to thank my wife, Kirsten, for editing all of our misspelled and grammatically butchered scripts. Without her, everything would read like a Bizarro comic. She also created our web site and Facebook, and does all of the updates, for which I am most grateful.

Thanks again ladies and gentlemen!

James “I hope one day we wont make a new web site and then I’ll have to re update each individual comic 1 by 1” Alvarez

Hello! I really can’t believe we have made this many comics, I never thought we would make it this far. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been with us from the beginning, as well as those who have just started. In the future, I promise more comics with dildos and, as ICP would say, “naked dead bitches.” So once again, thanks for the support.

Hallelujah Holla-Back,

Can one of you explain to me how we made it to one hundred strips? Can someone explain to me how I had it in me to produce two strips a week … mostly. Looking through every single strip, I can only feel bad for the fact that you people had to look at such ugly work. I was a fool! Inking in micron pens and coloring with mostly the paint bucket, doing touch ups here and there. Also the characters! My god, so much inconsistency. Aside from Trevor and Lara, everyone looked like plastic surgery disasters. You can thank my tablet for all the improved art and the fact that I made model sheets. So two strips a week, and I do this all while going to school for illustration ,where I get truck loads of homework. I AM A WIZARD!

So what’s up next? Well, I can tell you that I will be writing a little bit more than I use to. Which is thrilling, since it’s always cool to see idea put into practice. Uh, we have some funny stuff lined up and the art will only keep getting better. Also, be on the lookout for a new spin-off web comic written by James Alvarez and Jake Wilson. This one will be serious business and in black-and-white. There’s loads more on the horizon, so stay tuned.

If there is anyone to thank, it’s all of you guys who take the time to read this. In a world filled with many, many, many web comics I’m glad the Gents is one you read. I mean seriously, have you seen some of the stuff out there? I don’t even … really? So yes, thanks be to you all and may science be with all of you!


– Aaron