I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or been in conversations similar to those in today’s strip (arguing over which character is better and ultimately calling someone else’s favorite bullshit). What right have we, what right have I? I think nerds need to step off their high horse and come to terms with how childish and lame they really are. There is a reason why nerds get picked on and made fun of, and it’s fully deserved. I say this as a person who thinks the epitome of cool is an English alien that time-travels in a ’60s-era police box.


This was a semi collaboration with Aaron and me. In the realm of sci-fi, the great Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate will always rage on. I would choose Star Wars, of course, but I do still have some love for the Trek world. Regardless, there are things like Stargate and Andromeda that are just low-level sci-fi to me. That’s why I liked Aaron’s concept for this strip.

James “I’m not a fan of space” Alvarez