Dear readers,

What I am about to tell you will change your life and rock you to the very core. If you are easily frightened or susceptible to passing out, please turn back now. A few nights ago, while perusing the internet, I came across some information that not only shocked me, but altered my very perception of what we call life. Ladies and gentlemen, within each and every one of us are…is a…SKELETON!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I beg you to remain calm and listen to my words. The creepy, spooky menace known only as Skeletons, have been hiding inside of us, and by current estimates they have been for thousands of years. As of now there is no known way of ridding ourselves of them, but we are advised to remain calm, and in no way are we to try and commune with the marrow filled terrors. Pass the information on to your friends and loved ones and remember…be careful and be safe.

-Aaron “Kal” Alvarez