A few weeks ago one of the ladies at work said that she never heard of the You Tube video where the little boy in zombie make-up says “I like turtles!”. She watched it and instantly started laughing and has turned the office into the early 2000s by repeated this phrase over and over again. After I told Gentlemen Yama and Nick about this they mention showing her other internet clips like I fuck Moolianaires. So from that this comic was born. I went with the Mr. hands video which if you don’t already know it’s the video of a horse killing a guy with it’s dick. I do not blame the horse for this. The horse just wanted to go balls deep. Playing the part of my co-worker is my beautiful wife Kirsten. She hasn’t been in the comic for awhile now but I wanted to put her in one before the end. She’s been a great inspiration to me in this whole endeavor and has supported me since day one. Without my wife I probably would have quit a long time ago.


James “10 more left” Alvarez