In Today’s comic The Obscure Gentlemen celebrate our 200th comic! It
has been a great experience working with my brothers and friends. I also
appreciate all the hardwork my little brother does getting the comic out twice
a week. And a big thank you to all the people who read our comic.

On a side note, how come the dude who played young Magneto was playing so much grab
ass with that young Spartan in 300? Is it just me or does anyone else feel like
working out and kicking stuff in bullet time after they see that movie?

Hallelujah Holla-Back,



200 web comics ago little A-Bomb Alvarez wanted to do a comic about ninja stripers. Once me and my other brother Nick created the Gentlemen with him we have yet to feature any strippers of the ninja persuasion due to this odd idea. I’m now glad that the Gentlemen have grown to a horde of 6 so that I can enjoy not only my brother’s creativity but my friends as well. In the next 200 comics I promise more Pope related sodomy as well as Thundercat Hentai story arches.

James “Mo’ hentai, mo’ problems” Alvarez


I can’t begin to express my gratitude to everyone who reads, comments
on, forwards, and retweets our comics every week. Your support is even
better than having a boy named Cosmo light firecrackers in my living
room because he’s Chinese. Thank you for giving me something even more
valuable than what’s in the master bedroom in the floor in the fucking
floor safe in the master bedroom.


The fact that The Obscure Gentlemen has made it to 200 comics is pretty amazing. First, I’d like to thank the brother’s Alvarez for allowing me to be a part of something that I was a fan of to start with. I’d also like to show huge amounts of appreciation to everyone who reads and spreads our comic like the wild fires of southern California that tend to mark this time of year. I was going to try to write something funny here, but nothing I can do will top what Yama has written. So I genuinely am grateful for all the support we receive and the opportunity to be apart of this. Here’s to another 200!

Travis “THIS IS GENTLEMEN!!!!” Kennedy


Imagine being 200 years old. That would be pretty crazy.Some turtles live for that long or longer. I remember this article we read inAmerican History while I was a Jr. in High School. It was about this turtlefrom the Galapagos Islands, one of them big bastards that can bite your handoff. So this turtle turned out to be about 250 years old or so and that’spretty damn impressive if you ask me. What’s even crazier is that this creaturewas alive when George Washington was crossing the Delaware! Do you even knowhow cool that is? It’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. My bearded historyteacher even thought so and he had a mighty beard so you can trust him. That’show I feel about all this though, not like Washington…although that would bepretty bad ass to be him, but I feel like that turtle. Just sticking aroundseeing and doing some cool things while people get some joy out of it. What I’msaying is I am the turtle and you readers are the world…or something like that.Anyway thanks for supporting us and look out for more fun and madness as theyears go on. I’m going to look up that turtle now.

-Aaron “Kal” Alvarez