Here I am at my computer trying to fully process this turn of events. I’m thinking back upon this band’s history and how all signs have always pointed to “you’re out of your damn mind for even suggesting this might happen. Yet, here I am and the print is very clear – The Original Misfits will be having a reunion at Riot Fest.

The Misfits is a name that is legendary in the annals of music and pop culture and… screw it. Let me just cut to the chase and spit it out plain for you.

This is huge. To understand why this is huge you need to understand that since 1983, Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only were bitter rivals. These two guys hated each other so much that they’ve been in a revolving door of legal battle and throwing so much shade you’d think it was night time. To wake up and hear that the hatchet has been buried and that the god damn original Misfits are having a reunion – let’s just say I thought I was being had by the internet’s lovely disposition to break the hopes and dreams of all who come along. It was real though, holy hell was it real. I checked all the official sites and I damn near jumped for joy. THE MISFITS were back.

Okay, look. I know that technically they’ve been “back” since the mid-90’s and have gone through a metric ton of changes with Jerry now being lead singer. Thing is, and I don’t mean to sound like some purist “muh one true version”, The Misfits WAS Glenn Danzig. While I liked the Graves era and some-ish of the post 1950’s Marky Ramone/Dez Cadena jalopy mish mash the band has become, none of that is what pops into my head when I hear the name “Misfits”. For me it’s Danzig and the two devilock adorned brothers on stage (drummer may vary) creating chaos and playing songs about B Horror and Sci-Fi with a dash of JFK, Marilyn Monroe and the macabre imagery of hacked off heads while bathing in blood. Yes, cartoony at times, but dammit Glenn and the boys could sell it.

I could go on forever about this and all the thoughts knocking around in my noggin. I mean, Riot Fest is just two shows. What after? A nationwide tour maybe? What about a new album? The possibilities, my god! But I need to calm myself and just let it all soak in. For now I have to thank whatever obscene forces or lawyers (they’re pretty much the same thing) have made this happen and be thankful that Glenn, Jerry and Doyle are still able to go out there and actually put on a show.

For you detractors screaming balderdash. you can take your talks of “integrity” and “they’re only in it for the money man, UP THE PUNX!” and sell it to someone else who is into that self-important no fun allowed nonsense. For me, this is a dream come true. The Misfits is one of my favorite bands, who am I kidding they ARE my favorite band in a three-way tie with Samhain and Danzig – I’m a bit of a Glenn Danzig fanboy if you can tell. To see a Samhain reunion happen and now a Misfits reunion happening in my lifetime, well after these bands went away into the ether… well that’s just plum dog awesome! I have no idea who is on drums or what other dates they’ll have, if any. But I do know that The Misfits that only existed in the stories of old punks and bootleg recordings have finally risen from the grave.

– Aaron A. Alvarez