So you want to go to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire? That’s the question my wife asked me and I immediately sighed. Why did I sigh? Probably because I’m a jerk and that realm of nerdery doesn’t really excite me. On the other hand, I have kids and they would probably love it, so off I went. Upon arrival, I found that I was the odd man out. Everyone was dressed in their renaissance/Hyrule/Assassin’s Creed/Pirate/whatever old-timey cosplay they felt like. While I’ve been to many of a comic convention the main difference is that these cosplayers were also acting like the characters they were dressed. As soon as I entered the gates I was welcomed in by people who just wanted to have fun. While they’re the happiest people I’ve ever seen interact with each other and use languages that have been lost to time.  Like most role playing games I’ve played, the faire had various shops woven throughout: leather stores, weaponry, hair braiding stations, and more. When you aren’t walking around people watching or buying a dagger with rune stones embedded in the hilt, there are many a show to visit.


Magicians, musicians, comedians, and acrobats can be found at various stages. The first that we saw was a performer by the name of MooNie the Magnif’Cent . The man spends a good amount of time doing crowd work while walking everyone through what’s about to happen. By the time he announces that the show is about to start, you’ve already been watching it. He then goes into a silent character that makes the crowd explode with laughter with using nothing but whistles, grunts, and gestures. He then enlists people from the audience to partake in the show, which is something I always fear. As luck would have it, he chose me. Now in my head I wanted to say “no way, I’m too cool for this,” but having a daughter has given me the ability to not care about being embarrassed. I walked up stage and did my best and had an amazing time. MooNie was a great showman, and the audience popped when he needed them too and watched in great awe. For me, I could have seen just this act and would have been greatly satisfied. Another show worth mention was the group named Clan Tynker, which was a high spirited circus act. They swallowed swords, flipped, danced, and juggled fire. My daughter was in such awe of them that she demanded to say hello to each of them afterward out of respect.


The food is also mostly mounds and sticks of meat. The problem with this is that I hate turkey legs but I felt that I needed try one. I can say that it was definitely a turkey leg. The good news is you can eat authentic renaissance-age pizza and curly fries too.


To end my trek through the faire, I fired a bow and arrow with my daughter and watched her go on many a ride that she loved. Sadly, we left before we could see any other shows or partake in other festivities, but I definitely recommend that you go if you have the chance.

Obscure Gent