Today, we have a special treat for you: A review of “Captain America: The First Avenger” by Gentlemen writer, Travis Kennedy and behind the scenes commentary of said review by Gentlemen co-creator, Nick Alvarez. The commentary appears in blue text.

“Captain America: The First Avenger” will satisfy comic book movie fans and war movie fans alike.

I just want to start off by saying; I have no idea where Travis got this opinion when he was jokingly bouncing Twizzlers off his face like a dong during the movie.

“Captain America” may appear to be just another comic book/superhero adaptation on the outside, but it is much more than that, or at least it tries to be.  Wait, so is it just another comic book movie or is it more? I’ll say more because I know he enjoyed it.  For the most part, it does succeed. It tells the story of scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a young man that desperately wants to enlist in the army out of a sense of duty to do his part in World War II. Unfortunately, he is too small and besieged by numerous afflictions that deem him unfit for duty. Enter Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci AKA: Awesomely gay assistant in the Devil Wears Prada), a German defector working on a serum to make “super soldiers” out of regular men and he wants Rogers for the experiment. Meanwhile, Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving), the head of Hitler’s secret science department (Hydra), has unlocked the power of an energy source to fuel weapons that could devastate the world.  The guy who played M. Bison in that shitty Chun-Li movie was also in it. He played Dum Dum Dugan, who had a mustache that could break worlds.

The movie is filled with plenty of nods and references to comics that will satisfy die-hard Cap fans, but still remains accessible to casual movie goers, as well. While this is a superhero movie at its core, the film has the feel of a WWII pulp (I like my WWII without pulp! Hey Yo!) action movie.  The visual effects are pretty impressive, especially the ones used to transform Evans into the tiny man we see in the first act of the movie. Straight up Benjamin Button type shit! I, honestly, wound up forgetting that his stature was an effect. The performances genuinely work. Evans is quite endearing as Steve Rogers. Tommy Lee Jones is as entertaining as ever. He isn’t lying about that. Every time Tommy Lee Jones talked Travis would turn and high five me. And if you didn’t already know this, make sure to stay to the end of the credits. Spoiler Alert, Bro!!!!

Overall, “Captain America: The First Avenger” is thoroughly entertaining and a good time.

My favorite part of the movie was when Travis was having a hard time deciding if he should get snacks; since he didn’t want to miss the AMC: First Look. That’s understandable since he might miss a sneak peek at that ABC Family show with the girl who has cat powers, or The TNT hit Rizzoli and Isles.

Final Score: A- (Side Note: I had a 5th grade teacher who gave me A++++. What’s up with that?)

Travis “Has just been Hallelujahed and Holla-Backed” Kennedy