This week I had the opportunity to see the Harry Potter that everyone’s been talking about, and I have to admit that I’m a little confused.  It seems as if there’s a lot of back story that’s been left out. Some Spoilers Ahead.

The movie starts off with three teenagers seeming really defeated talking really quietly in house about wands and what not. They’re trying to find these relics to destroy that will lead to defeating a really bad wizard that bears a striking resemblance to the late Michael Jackson (rest in peace).  As it turns out, the kid that was in the naked horse play feels some sort of connection to the bad wizard and, thus, feels responsible for destroying him.  Helping him out is the girl that a lot of lonely guys were waiting to turn 18, and Ron Weasley, the roughest looking 17 year old I’ve ever seen.  Eventually, their quest takes them to a giant castle filled with a bunch of other kids.  Once at this castle, they come into contact with a bunch of new allies, which they, apparently, already know. One of these allies is Neville Longbottum (played by a young Clive Owen), who ends up playing a rather large part for the duration of the film.  It’s at this point that Harry Potter accuses Hans Gruber of killing someone named Dumbledore.  During the big climactic battle, Ron and that Hermione girl kiss, this comes completely out of left field as there seems to be no build up to it throughout this movie.  After the climax of the movie, we see that Harry has a cruel streak, as he has given his son a name that will truly get him picked on and bullied in school, Albus Severus Potter.

The acting was pretty strong by all involved in the movie; it was as if all the actors really had time to get the feel of the characters they were portraying.  Visually, this movie was entirely spectacular.  If I had any real problem with this movie, it would have to be that the story seemed a little rushed.  There was little to no exposition, as most of it felt like climax.  It would have been nice to see more back story and motivation for all of these characters.  I’ve heard that there were six other books that take place before this one, so it seems a little strange that they would start with this one.  Stranger still is that they would only adapt the second half of the final book.  I can’t help but wonder if they plan to make prequel movies out of the other books since prequels seem to be really big in Hollywood these days.

Overall, it’s a really fun time with great effects, but a little hard to follow if you’ve never read the books.

Final Grade: B

Travis “This Premise Wore Thin A Paragraph And A Half Ago” Kennedy