I have been a fan of Green Lantern since the age of six and to this day, I’m probably this biggest fan of the mythos that I know. It’s no surprise that when Green Lantern was first announced to make its transition onto the big screen that I had was a little more than excited; I was downright thrilled. Now that it’s finally been released and I’ve seen it, I figure that this long time Green Lantern fan should weigh in.

The Plot: 6/10
Hal Jordan is chosen to be a Green Lantern while the universes greatest cosmic threat is tearing worlds apart and only the Corps can stop it. And then a super-villain love triangle happens on Earth making the insanely huge set-up unimportant till the last 20 minutes of the film.


1st act: 10/10
This was probably my favorite first act from a comic-book movie. So much is set up and pulled off perfectly that you get a sense of something even bigger on the horizon.

2nd act: 6/10
Out of nowhere, the whole film shifts from what it was building up to. Now we have a really slow love triangle that doesn’t really go anywhere or come off as important.

3rd act: 7/10
When it feels like all hope is lost, most of the unneeded story bits are tied up and we get thrown back into where we were at the beginning. The only problem is that it’s too little, too late. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a neat finale, but it just doesn’t work out that well due to the second act stalling everything.

Script: 7/10
I am convinced someone stole the awesome completed script and then randomly threw in bad jokes and cheese. Seriously, the script itself seems very intelligent,but something about it just reeks of meddling from executives who needed the movie to be funnier.

Pacing: 5/10
The best way to describe the film’s pacing would be a bi-polar child with ADD. We go from having scenes that flow perfectly into each other, to scenes that kind of just play out really slow and switch to random moments of exposition.

Characters: 9/10
-Hal Jordan: You’re a lovable asshole just like in the comics.
-Carol Ferris: Just like in the comics, I don’t really care about you.
-Hector Hammond: The worst Green Lantern villain is finally interesting.
-Parallax: I’ll take this nightmarish vision over a giant yellow space grasshopper any day.
-Tomar-Re: Please more!
-Kilowog: Why you no give me more?
-The Guardians: You guys are dicks, but that’s why we enjoy you.
-The Corps: ALL OF MY LOVE!
-Everyone else: You served your purpose

Acting: 9/10
Everyone shined and impressed me except for the block of wood called Blake Lively. I was a bit worried about Ryan Reynolds, but he was on the top of his game and you can see that he really was into the role.

Music: 6/10
It did what it needed to do.

Sfx: 7/10
If it was cosmic based, then it looked pretty outstanding, except for the Guardians, who looked like characters from a video game cut scene. When Hal was in the sunlight, his costume looked a bit odd, but otherwise it was fine. The constructs were pretty damn amazing and sometimes a bit awe inspiring. When it came to Parallax …well they really should have fixed all of that.


The critics were right in almost everything they said, yet I enjoyed the Hell out of it. I know this is only because I’m a Green Lantern fan and have been waiting for this moment since childhood. Judging the film with all bits of nostalgia and fan-boyism cast aside, and you get a movie that had so much potential but in the end, falls short due to bad pacing, lack of proper storytelling, too much fan pleasing and at times, really bad CG. What may work in comics sometimes does not work on the big screen.Final Grade: 72/C

-Aaron “Kal” Alvarez