When I first heard the title of “Whale Wars,” I actually pictured whales in the ocean with cannons strapped to their backs fighting other species of whale. I think this has to do with all of the war-related toys I used to play with. I have to say that the “Food Fighters” was my favorite, and in second place would be “Barnyard Commandos.” There is nothing better than a piece of pizza pointing a bazooka at hotdog with a machine gun.

I also recently watched Predator, and I still like it as much as I did when I was little. The only difference is that every time an awesome one-liner is said, I stand up and yell “FUCKIN’ YEAH!” It’s also funny that, as the movie goes on, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s group loses more and more clothing. I’m sure all of the women with teased hair and hoop earrings were eating that shit up.

Hallelujah Holla-Back,