Deadpool did really well so now let’s make every superhero movie have a unnecessary nudity, violence, and vulgarity! Really this is just speculation but Warner Bros. announced that there will be a rated R version of Dawn of Justice which just seems like another quick cash grab. It’s the Justice League not the Authority, there’s no need for a rated R version. Special thanks to Obscure Gentlemen Yama Rahyar for coming up with the punchline for this. Essentially this is his comic.

In other DC comics news it looks like they will be going through a well deserved Rebirth and set things back to a more traditional universe. I’m very optimistic about this change and look forward to reading DC comics titles again. I would also like to add that what they tried last time with “DC You” was an abomination. IT lacked heart and spirit and was a poor attempt at old people trying to connect with a demographic that they know nothing of while alienating current fans. So fuck Bob Harras, fuck Dan Didio, and especially fuck that corporate lackey Gene Ha. Speaking of artists who don’t understand things, I just want to state that this comic is not a retelling of actual events. Its satire and if you don’t understand that you can eat 52 dicks.


Obscure Gent


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