And here we are, our 300th and final comic. At first I had a few ideas of what to do but couldn’t decide. Then I thought why limit this goodbye to 3-6 panels? So I asked my Gentlemen brothers to come up with some of their favorite endings to spoof. My favorite bit is at the end where it shows us at Doctors who regenerate into their new forms (which is our next comic project). Well that’s enough about this final comic let’s get on to some mushy/sappy shite shall we?

September 23rd 2009 we posted our very first comic on the internet. After it was put up my first thought was god damn it we have to come up with more shit. With each passing comic I became more and more proud of what we were doing. Not because I thought we were great but because I got to see two of my favorite people (my brothers Aaron and Nick) create with me. At first this comic was just for us, but eventually people actually started to notice the Obscure Gentlemen. To me it was odd that a person would take a small portion out of their day to read something we put together. Every comment left every retweet or any other social media things we got it made me feel good. The creation of the Obscure Gentlemen is one of the top things in my life that I’m proud of (my daughter Laila being number one of course.). Were some of our comics hacky, done before, and flat out unfunny? Yes. Yes they were but who gives a fuck! They were fun to do and something that has created a bond with my brothers and friends that I will never lose.

As I write this I have a great sadness in my heart because I loved the fuck out of it. Every dick joke and every reference that was made I will never forget. If there was enough time in the day we would continue to do this forever. I hope that some of you out there remember us and what we did. We weren’t a huge web comic but we had our fans that made it completely worth it.

In regards to that two month span of farewell guest art and comics. I thought only a few people would agree to do it but so many talented web comic brothers and sisters gave to us. Their creativity and art is something of beauty and their humor makes me proud that I was a part of their community. All hail the mighty web comiker!!!

I want to thank my beautiful wife Kirsten who tolerated me with every update and every long night on the computer making changes to the site and countless rewrites. One of my best friends since high school Joseph Fossen; a talented man who helped us create the site and supported us each and every day. Our early fans that still spread our word through social media like Greg Randolph, Anthony Friedrich, and Walter Shuler to name a few. I of course thank the other web comicers who I have a huge amount of respect for. Their talent has me in awe and I’m glad to call some of these fine young bastiches friends. People like The brothers Twxxd, Saeed Frump, Andrew Arg!, Mark Zombie, Javis Legacy, Justin Babb, Brian D20, Mallville Cohen and many many more (If I left you off of this list I’m sorry there are just too many of you). Thank anyone who creates things that inspires others to do more than just sit around on the internet all day. I of course thank Nick, Travis, Yama, and Abe who wrote some of my favorite comics and allowed me to be a fan. Even more so the biggest thanks go to the artist! Without Aaron there is no Obscure Gentlemen. I hope this little bastard knows how much I appreciate and love him and how proud I am of him. He is my Jack Kirby and I hope our creative partnership lasts forever.

At this moment I grow teary eyed because I realize once I stop writing this blog this dast thing ends. While some people may see this as just a silly comic and say why make a big deal out of it. I make a big deal out of this comic because it’s something that has gotten me through a lot. If we made you smile at least once then the Obscure Gentlemen was well worth the time that 6 friends spent together. Aaron, Nick, Travis, Yama, and Abe were and will always be the Obscure Gentlemen.

I’ll end this journey with a quote that sums up all the rambling I did above:

“Tell my tale to those who ask it. Tell it truly, the good and the bad, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest… is silence”


I love you all

Gentleman James Alvarez/ Obscure Gent