Today’s comic is a take on the very first one we did when we were on Drunk Duck for a few months. Since it’s our 250th, I wanted to do a call back to our origins and reverse the message. Also, it shows us getting ready to see the shit out of the Avengers this Thursday. While nerds vs. jocks is a time honored rivalry, they are pretty much the same beast. They both love their team/heroes, dress up in homage to said team/hero, and even yell when excited during a game/movie. The main difference really is one beast likes bullshit sports. Now, read below where I try and thank you all in a sincere way, which isn’t an easy thing to do for someone like me.

We did it! We reached 250 mediocre-at-best web comics. This journey has been filled with fun and camaraderie with my 5 war brothers and real brothers. I say this every 50 comics, but this adventure is truly a special one for me. Each week, I get to spend time with 5 of my favorite people creating the rubbish you somehow have come to enjoy. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever want to do this without Aaron, Nick, Travis, Abe, and Yama. While it’s been a lot of fun doing this, it’s been an even bigger pleasure with you people out there who comment, like, retweet, upvote, and pin (possibly Stumble and Digg). We have a lot of great fans and I thank each and every one of you for the support especially people like Kirsten Alvarez, Joey Van Fossen, Greg Randolph, Anthony Friedrich, and Walter Shuler, all of whom have been supporting us from the first damn comic. Now that we’ve reached this milestone, we will continue on doing what we do but in addition, we will be adding a weekly podcast to our arsenal, where we ramble on about more crap that you probably won’t care about. Once again, from the bottom of my cold, cold, black heart I thank you: the person sitting there reading this. I thank all of the creative people out there who inspire us daily and I hope that if you’re reading this, you go out and create regardless of the obstacles that trolls may put in your way. Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you all to go out there and create something that makes you as happy as this creation makes me. Do it the fuck up and never apologize.

James “1 of 6 Gentlemen” Alvarez