Gentlemen artist Aaron has been plagued with a heavy school load this season and some Thursdays he decides to tell us that he cant get the comic done. This week is finals week so it became even more of an emergency since he didn’t even have time to do any sort of image. That’s when I called upon my web comic brothers and sisters to draw any kind of image for us to put in between a we’ll be back text. All of a sudden Andrew Gregoire ascended from the ┬ápits of the I Am Arg! web comic and delivered an Obscure image for us. Had he not done this you possibly would have had to look at an MS Paint Danzig skull with a bow on it done by me. If the image above looks familiar it should, because it’s Mike Jones from Star Tropics. ┬áThis is by far the best depiction I have seen of this long lost bastard. If you want to see more of him click on the links within to enjoy this Obscure game that was a poor man’s Zelda. Also get the fuck over to the I Am Arg! web site. He’s vulgar, hilarious, and defecates on all that you hold sacred.

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James “Did people beat Star Tropics without Nintendo Power?” Alvarez