DC comics showed the world a few revamped costumes last week. The one I took note of was Superman. He really looks like some mouth breathing bro who is ready to commit a hate crime. Now I’m sure they’ll return him to his original glory but for now, I’m not interested in reading about the exploits of how Superman pounded a Monster energy drink while installing some truck nuts on his new raised dooley.

Note: Apparently the lack of quotation marks and obviously embellished words by Bob Harras did not make the comic clear enough.  To make things clear for the small percentage of people that did not get this let me say that these are not actual quotes. I hope that clears it up for the people who take a comic that makes fun of things seriously.

More items that are not true

-We did not see Aquaman come out of the water.

-The Trevor character was never murdered.

-Turkeys have never tried to touch Trevor in inappropriate ways.

-Bruce Campbell will not have a gun that shoots nacho cheese.


Obscure Gent