Today’s comic is a tweet we turned into a comic. Marta, AKA @Poutymcgee was generous and donated money to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. Go over to her twitter account today and check out her Twitter timeline.

Original Tweets:

Zombie Apocalypse – Day 467: The new group told me to leave because I refused to go on a recon mission with Sue due to her “shitty perm”.

Zombie Apocalypse Day 470: Jared is pissed at me for using his dead brothers machete to chop up his bed for fire wood.

Zombie Apocalypse Day 472: We all went looting today. I hit the jackpot with a magnum of wine. The group are angry as I’m drunk. Squares.

Zombie Apocalypse Day 475: I used all the bottled water to fill up the kiddie pool. In hindsight it probably wasn’t my best idea so far.

Zombie Apocalypse Day 494: The new girl keeps flirting with Gavin so I threw all her insulin over the fence. That should even things out.


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