I just wanted an alternate reality where the witch lady from Willow gets a spell wrong.


Today’s comic looks like it belongs in the Sunday funnies. Real Wizard of Id meets Non Sequitur having a baby with MAD’s Don Martin. (If you say Cathy, I’ll burn everything you hold dear.) So, why this CRAZY look and format? Why didn’t I lay down any inks and why does the coloring look more like a wash? Well… because I was experimenting and may have gone a bit too far. That being said I love how it came out, but next time you’ll see more traditional work from me. That’s not to say I won’t push myself, this strip is just a testament to how far into another spectrum I was willing to take myself. Staying in your comfort zone is a sure way to stagnate and sometimes you have to venture out into the unknown. Val Kilmer had pretty hair.

-Aaron A. Alvarez