At a certain time in my life, I proclaimed that Alan Moore was my god. He created master pieces like the Watchmen, Batman: Killing Joke, V for Vendetta, and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. As most of you comic book readers know, he eventually became a creator who ditched the mainstream entirely and started to rant about his love affair with magic. As every year passed, I noticed that instead of coming up with work that blew me away, he would just do an interview damning the comic book industry for ripping him off and riding his coat tails. To this declaration by Moore, I say “fuck you Moore.” While his stories are well written and intriguing, he didn’t create the characters or sand box that he used by Marvel and DC to become famous. The Watchmen weren’t original characters, they were his take on Charlton Comics characters. Swamp Thing, Superman, Miracle Man, and especially the League are all creations of other people. So while the Watchmen and Killing Joke are master pieces, Alan Moore should stop tearing down people like Geoff Jones and Grant Morrison and realize that they are just doing what he did years ago.

Bonus: What Harry Potter spell is Mr. Moore casting?

James “Power Stance; Boom, Boom” Alvarez