Remember in 2016 when a bunch of really talented and remarkable human beings passed away? Remember how it never seemed to end and we though to ourselves, “How can this get any worse?” Political turmoil aside, it sure did get worse. As it would turn out, late 2017 decided to hit us with, what some are calling, THE WEINSTEIN EFFECT. One by one, week after week we’ve seen once beloved performers across all forms of media and entertainment, revealed as human garbage fires of sexual harassment. Who is next? Only time will tell. But we must ask ourselves, what does 2018 hold in store and how much lower can everything sink? Will our work of fantasy become a reality? We certainly hope not.

Quick note, in case you’re wondering. Today’s comic is based off of a viral tweet by the very writer of THIS comic. That’s right, before anyone screams “stolen content reeeeee!” be aware that the writer of the Gents and that sensational tweet are one and the same. Go figure.

– Aaron A. Alvarez

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