The guy who draws this thing wrote one again! Today’s comic was brought about when I heard someone online complaining about all the Halloween stuff that’s already in stores. Initially in my head I had this argument against that cliche whine, but then I had a weird idea about about a Halloween obsessed person getting Wilford Brimley disease. Why the Charles M. Schulz inspired Peanuts like art? When I wrote up the script, Trevor’s rant reminded me of something good ol’ Chuck would be hollering about to Linus. It all clicked and add to the fact that the Peanuts and Halloween are two things I always love putting together.  So, take this as an homage to a great cartoonist and a warning of eating too much damn candy. As for the people who really love Halloween and the stores that put stuff up early? It’s no big deal. Now, excuse me while I go wait in a Pumpkin Patch for my dark lord’s arrival.
– Aaron A. Alvarez