It’s been too many years for me to count when the last time was that I had a McDonald’s Shamrock shake. It’s not like I’ve ever really loved them but there’s an odd thing in me that loves minty deserts, even though I really only like Thin Mints. So I drove through McDonald’s penetrated my straw into the thick green milk (balls deep of course) and inhaled. What was in my mouth was instantly recognized as a vile toothpaste and dairy concoction! I recoiled in anger and then gave some to my wife so that she could know what leprechaun bile tasted like. So there it is my fine Gentlemen army, go out and try this limited time treat and then thank me for introducing you to it. Your bowels will however rebel against you at 3:00am. I’m also very proud of the title above. I’m a sucker for before and afters.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen here are two podcast interviews we’ve done in the past few weeks.


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James “Abe is in reality a short but proud Mexican” Alvarez