Hi, I’m Wilson Parker from Unwinder’s Tall Comics. Glad to be here! I’m sort of “going on tour” with guest comics right now, and James of the Obscure Gentlemen was kind enough to offer me a guest spot here. Thanks James, and all you other guys too!
I have no idea if The Amazing Spider-Man actually re-tells Spider-Man’s origin story. I feel like in one of the early trailers it looked like they were going to revisit the origin story, but I saw the newest trailer at The Avengers, and they didn’t mention the origin story. You’ll note that I wrote my ignorance right into the comic, in that the characters never actually resolve the issue of whether the movie contains an origin story or not! Classic writer’s trick.
Anyway, as I said, my comic is Unwinder’s Tall Comics. It’s a very tall comic about a bunch of very strange characters who live in a small town. Sometimes they talk about pop-culture. Sometimes they just do weird stuff. Sometimes I make up my own pop-culture and they talk about that. It’s a hard comic to give an elevator pitch for, but I’m pretty confident that if you read through the archive a bit, and get to know the characters, you’ll like it.
To my own readers coming over from Tall Comics: You don’t need to know anything about The Obscure Gentlemen in order to get this strip, but if you want to check it out, I’d recommend starting with the newest thirty strips or so, because those ones are definitely the best.
-Wilson Parker