Men don’t talk. That’s the rule, right? When asked how we’re doing, we’re suppose to answer: Fine. When we hurt inside we aren’t allowed to go to our buddies and find a shoulder to cry on. We’re supposed to bottle it all up and carry it with us for years. Until one day it all explodes and we end up crying in the hotel shower while on a business trip in Japan.

Men don’t talk? Bullshit, I say. We talk. We talk about our exes. We talk about that one asshole we hate so much. We talk about the new girl we met. We talk about our hopes, our dreams, our favourite drinks, and yes, we talk about relationships. We’ll deny it of course. But deep inside our man club, away from prying ears, we talk.

And yet in our western culture we have to hide it all away. Bottle it up. Be strong. Be distant. And should one ever even consider talking about relationship issues, then he deserves a swift kick in the nuts and eradicated off the face of the Earth. Because if he tried to talk to us once, he might try it again.

That’s the way it’s suppose to go, right?

Saeed “creator of the Frumps” Faridzadeh