This week was a special week for us. Aaron has been working on art to donate for Alzheimer awareness. We are doing so through the Barn Raising For Alzheimers, (website below) so go have a look and donate for a good cause if you would. All donated items go up for purchase on June 1st.

With that being said we still needed a comic. With no time to spare I reached out to an old friend of ours, Ash Vickers. You probably already know of her if you read web comics. She’s the force behind MegaCynics. I love her comic and was excited that she said yes. I gave her a script and then she made it even better (talented jerk!). A major thanks to this great person and friend who I hate for being so talented. If you like what she does go over to her Patreon and show some support.

A Barn Raising For Alzheimers Link:


Mega Cynics:

Mega Cynics Patreon: