EscaWorks is a trial run on my attempt to make comics. Ever since I could remember I always want to make comic strips. Growing up in the 90’s means looking up to Jim Lee, McFarlane and *sigh* Rob Liefeld. I wanted to make action comics. But, I was never good with anatomy so I thought cartooning would be best for me.
In college I was about to take Fine Arts, but my family told me there’s no money in artistic stuff. Living in a third world country this is true, but I could not predict the future nor I know someone who could so I skipped art school and went to be a computer geek. Fast forward into the 2000’s and I found myself here in the US, I also discovered about the wonders of the internet and web comics. It’s a full blown freedom to do what ever I want, no editors, no time constraint, no syndicates. Everything that my mind can think of – the socially acceptable ones – I can unleash. Thus, begin my comics.
I never had a chance to study art, nor a mentor or even a peer to talk about my passion. I just know that I’m good at it. Or at least, I think I am. My goal, is to be known as the guy who brought memorable comics either by humor, drama or action, that would inspire readers. A Will Eisner award wouldn’t be so bad either.
*** Regarding the current guest comic ***
A few days back James saw my pitiful post about quitting cartooning and web comics. I told him I got laid off work and my hosting is about to expire and being tight on money, I cannot afford to pay for it.
I never met James personally, I’m just a fan of his/their work, but the dude offered me $20 to cover the hosting, I told him I’m no charity… yet.
It’s like the disturbance in the force is so great that James became my Good Guy James or Ridiculously Nice James. Anyway, I told myself, if TheObscureGents ever need a strip, I promise that they are in my priority list.