Uh, hi! There’s not much to say about this guest strip. I read through the OG Archives and after a few chuckles decided to check out the About page, after getting to know the characters a little I wanted to express a couple of things that defined them, like how Trevor is a total pop culture buff, or how James snaps quite easily and is someone who will never admit he’s wrong.
So that’s how the idea came about, have James get mad trying to find something Trevor hasn’t seen or heard about, including obscure, recent anime. Toss a perverse fetish in the last panel, keeping with true OG tradition, and there we have it!
Easter egg time! I forgot to draw James’s beard and it seems Trevor owns a T-Shirt with this on the front.
Thanks for giving me the chance to make this guest strip! I hope everyone keeps reading OG and, selfish plug alert, Crazy Sunshine!
James Grant from Crazy Sunshine