A comic on Wednesday, you say? Well, I felt like we needed to do this extra comic right away, since it might be a little dated by next week. So we put Aaron to work!

While I was sitting in a maternity clothing store, while my wife shopped, I started reading angry tweets about a DC comics reboot. When I looked into it, I found that DC is going to reset their universe so that new fans can join the DC nation. While Marvel did this with their Ultimate line many years ago and to a lesser extent, DC doing this with their All-Star stuff to revamp their normal continuity is pretty ballsy. Gentlemen artist and little brother of mine Aaron was distraught with this news. He is a big-time fan boy and new disciple to the church of Superman, so he was in a near catatonic shock. I’m not the biggest fan of DC comics so when I heard the news, I was actually pretty excited to see a shakeup this major for a company to do. I may actually pick up some of the DC trades to see how they handle these revamps. Regardless, this seems like a publicity stunt that will be corrected in a year and we will go back to current continuity. Batman Inc. and all.

James “I don’t want to live in a world where Kyle Rayner doesn’t exist” Alvarez