Today’s comic was created by old school Obscure Gentlemen writer and current 12 For a Penny podcast co-host Yama. The Juggalos stormed Washington this weekend, go look it up!

Obscure Gent

And now a special message from Yama Himself.

Today’s comic is bittersweet to me for a number of reasons. It is the first I have written since I was fired from the Obscure Gentlemen for, in the words of editor in chief Gym Alvarez, “Engaging in Twitter bullying in a manner contrary to the values of our brand, and this is not up for agreement!” It was also a difficult comic to write because I was forced to admit that all of these years later, my friend was right about the merits of the Juggalo movement. We live in a world where the wise leaders of the so-called Reaistance compromise at every turn, while two corny motherfuckers in clown makeup lead a mass movement for social justice. Strange times indeed! Lastly, this comic is for charity. (Note: this comic is not for charity. Yama says things and we just nod and agree)


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