I can’t really claim full credit for today’s comic. The initial premise came from
Obscure Artist, Aaron. He had come up with an idea involving nerds talking
about how great it would to live in a post apocalyptic world. He asked if
anyone had a take on it, and I took the idea and rolled with it.

Since I can’t really take full credit for this, I’ll instead blog about what’s
happening right now. I’m watching the third episode of that new SyFy show,
Alphas. I can’t say that I’m fully sold on this program yet. For the most part
it feels like “The 4400” meets “The X-Files” without all the excitement.  I’ll probably continue to watch this show for
now, since it’s summer and there aren’t that many shows with people with powers
on TV. Hell, it took me 3 seasons to give up on “Heroes” so that should give
you some idea how much of a sucker I am for super powers. I also just finished
writing my review of Captain America, I really enjoyed that movie. Go see it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s comic.

“Just Walk Away” Kennedy