So, I’m actually writing this on Christmas Eve, because we’ve decided that we want to post it for Christmas day. Which pretty much makes us liars since the last comic said that the new comic would be on Monday. Part of why I’m up right now posting this is because I’m still a little kid and, as I said in the last blog, get way too excited for Christmas. This pretty much means I’m wide awake with no hope of falling asleep any time soon. Once again I’d like to say how proud I am of the work that Aaron has done with this comic.

I’d like to wish anyone of our wonderful readers that happens to be reading this the day of publication a very merry Christmas and thank you for taking time out to look at this and I hope we were a decent escape from the insanity that the holiday can be. And to those who are reading it on Monday, I hope you had  great Christmas. And it doesn’t matter when you’re reading this, because if you’re just reading it in general, thank you.

Travis “I feel it all around me, I feel it in my toes” Kennedy