Today’s comic is ripped from real life, the headlines if you would. When I was younger I liked the Insane Clown Posse (This is my dark secret). IT was a rough year for me. Metal was becoming nu metal and long hair was being cut left and right. The phase ended and I went on with my life not caring about these “wicked clowns” or thinking anything of it but SHAME! Fast forward to today and I find out that my little brother become a devoted Juggalo priest and attempted to spread their word throughout his black metal Elementary¬†school. At least by highschool he stopped this madness and started dressing like Bender from 16 Candles. This made me feel sad, like I got someone hooked on the heroin. Luckily we are all reformed gang members/Juggalos and can move on with our lives. If you want the full actual story on this go over to the 12 For A Penny podcast where we had Aaron on as a special guest to discuss this.

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