Pokemon GO was released and the world slipped into chaos. Well, not really chaos, but instead a ridiculously awesome social awakening that bridges the gap between many generations with scores upon scores of people from all walks of life exploring the lands they inhabit – which I have done and will do some more. It’s damn awesome and I really want a Snorlax.

Instead of going on at length about how crazy fantastic it is, and it is, I wanna talk about something kind of hilarious that inspired this comic that I actually wrote – yes, I too am amazed. When you get to a certain level you get to join a team. Instinct, Mystic and Valor. Basically these three have bred a sort of playful gang culture with in-jokes and all types of strange meme’s. Instinct is considered the Hufflepuff of the game and everyone basically leaves them alone because they’re like our little brothers who don’t know any better but are trying their best. Mystic is like the paragon of good types who are kind of goodie two shoes we’re so smart and better than you cause we (oh no, I gave myself away) are into evolution and science – we’re terribly smug. Valor though, has gained the reputation of hardened criminals from the very depths of hell who will spit on your grandma and poop in your soup because to them combat and killing Cubones is all that matters. They are bad dudes and they will NOT save the president. In truth, all three are the same and it’s just all in good fun. Still, today’s comic takes this concept to the extreme and mixes in prison culture with Pokemon gang team culture. It also doesn’t help that I recently watched Blood in Blood Out for the Plain Zero podcast (check it out) which if you have ever seen the movie (which you likely haven’t, cause reasons) has it’s DNA all over this. Vatos Locos forever, as they say.

But seriously, I need that Snorlax because he’s so pure and true. Just a big guy who wants to nap wherever he wants and darn it if that aint admirable.

– Aaron A. Alvarez