In the beginning I wanted more people to read the comic so I pushed to have minimal vulgarities and PG subject matter. I would continuously give Nick a hard time for his dirtier than I wanted comics. Eventually trying to hold back made doing the comic less fun. I eventually said “fuck it”, let’s just write stuff that’s funny to us and not worry about how people perceive us. Some days you may see a full on blood orgy with some Juggalos and the original Kiss line-up, while other days maybe you’ll see a quick riff on Mass Effect 3. Either way doing this comic is a great release for me and all the other gentlemen who are all my brothers either in blood or spirit. I thank you all who take the time to read these comics, comment, retweet, Facebook like, and whatever other social media shite that’s out there. New and old readers I thank you for making this comic something that’s worth doing for us.


James “I need to stop talking about having fun” Alvarez