Obscure For A Penny Zero: Se7en

Round 3: Welcome to Tombstone

But first a special note of appreciation from our judges: Thank you
all for participating in this, the 7th semi-annual OFAPZ contest! We
know this is all for fun (and genuinely cool limited-edition prizes,
and acclaim, and increased reach and possibly new friends/enemies, but also fun too
also). But we truly enjoy the opportunity to review and discuss some
of the finest, and funniest, in Twitter craft. If you’re a little
bummed about being eliminated, we hope you will compete again. Some of
these matchups were very tough to judge and all of them were reviewed
sincerely and with the purest of intentions.

Okay, now on to our new topic: Epitaphs! Write a tweet explaining what
you want on your tombstone when you’re dead and buried. Or, write a
tweet involving a situation in which someone’s epitaph is the premise
of the joke. Or tell us about the best or worst tombstone engraving
you’ve ever seen. Anything epitaph-related will be accepted.

Please know that we’re serious about how much we’re honored for the
opportunity to “judge” this competition, and please submit your tweet

Stipulation: No dating, Interview, or courtroom scenarios and don’t even THINK about using the format “They died doing what they loved…”.

Deadline: 2/9/2018 11:38AM PST

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