Obscure For A Penny Zero: 7even

Round 1

Let’s move forward by going backward. Journey with us to a time long
ago, a mysterious era lost to memory. When primitive man and woman
were limited to 140 characters. Your challenge is to compose a tweet
using exactly 140 characters (or in technical Twitter parlance, with
the wheel thingymajig at the halfway mark). Note that any tweet that
doesn’t use exactly 140 characters will be automatically disqualified once both tweeters have submitted.
So don’t play yourself. But do tweet about whatever you want.

Remember: Your the deadline is 2/5/18 11;34am PST and must be turned into @theobscuregents account. You may submit anytime between the release of this theme and the deadline. Your battle begins the moment you and your opponent submit. You also will not know which tweet your opponent submitted until the battle begins.


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