Obscure For A Penny Zero 6: From Ashes We Rise


This is it FAM, the moment you all have been waiting for. Two humans enter and one will be crowned as the new Champion of this Twitter battle. Now in the past we have taken a one and done/ Any given Sunday approach to the finals. NOT ANYMORE! The winner will be chosen in a 3 round slobber knocker. Let’s go to the theme below, shall we?

Theme 1: Free Style
Write the funniest tweet you can. No restrictions apply besides the tweet needing to be new.

Theme 2: Best Old Tweet
Submit what you think is your greatest tweet that you’ve written in the past.

Theme 3: Best Tweet of this contest
Select your best that you’ve submitted from this contest. (OFAPZ 6)

Due Date: 9/14 11:34am PST

Each round point will be announced and all 3 tweets must be submitted to @theobscuregents account to lock in your submissions. Theme 3’s battle will only occur in case of a tie.