Welcome to the Obscure For a Penny Zero 4: The New Batch

64 contestants of varying Twitter account sizes will do battle. This contest will be played out like an NCAA basketball tournament or Bloodsport. Each contestant is seeded based on follower count.  All contestants will be given the rounds theme and have 24 hours to produce a tweet. They will then be paired with a combatant to do battle with. These NEW tweets will be submitted to @theobscuregents who will send them to the judges The battle will be judged by a panel of 9 people that don’t really use twitter at all and will only see the text of the tweet. They won’t know you or who you are and will judge which of the two tweets their favorite is. All updates will be sent to the individuals DM and posted on the theObscureGentlemen.com Winner moves on to the next round.

The winner of this contest will receive the following:

-Obscure Gentlemen hoodie
-Obscure Gentlemen t-shirt
-Your tweet turned into a comic
-You select the topic for the 12 For a Penny Podcast, Plain Zero, and Obscure Gentlemen podcast

Second place
-Tweet turned into a comic