Round 1 Theme: Historical Figures

You have now entered the kumite and will battle to the death! But honestly, you’re just going to write a new tweet and hope the judges like it.
The Obscure Gentlemen, 12 For a Penny, and Plain Zero want to see tweets based on historical figures (Must be Dead)We want to see NEW tweets about this topic. Pick anyone from history. You do not need to use the word “historical” or “figure,” just make the tweet deals with a historical figure. If you have a question in regards to entry qualifications, please ask DM@Obscuregent with your entry by 1:38p.m. CT on 12/5 or sooner. The moment you and your competitor have submitted is the moment your battle begins! Have fun and good luck fiends.

-Person must be dead
-Cannot be Hitler, Jesus, or Elvis