Aaron did this tribute to Leonard Nimoy, a fallen sci-fi warrior. Aaron appreciates everything Nimoy did and therefore wanted to do this.

Today, we lost an icon. Some people will not understand that sadness that this loss has brought onto most people, but I say it is a great loss. To me Nimoy sits on the pantheon of sci-fi and nerdom that I love. He’s part of the reason that I love what I love. When I was younger and I would repeat in my head something that Spock once said “Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled.”. He was the logic that kept the typical hero archetype that was Kirk. Through the years he did amazing voice over work that I loved in Transformers, Futurama, and the Simpsons. Lastly I will always remember his amazing villain role as Dr. William Bell in one of my favorite all time shows Fringe. I will miss the greatness he brought to this world but will always preserve it in memory.

Obscure Gent