The Bridge (Wednesday nights, 7 pm) is the latest crime drama to charge out of the FX network stables. It stars Diane Kruger as aasperger-ish, issue-laden, El Paso detective Sonya Cross and Demián Bichir as freshly-vasectomied, Chihuahua detective Marco Ruiz. Cross and Ruiz form an unlikely dynamic duo while investigating serial killings along the Texas-Mexico border, the first of which we’re exposed to is a Texas judge whose body is left on the border line of The Bridge of the Americas (see what they did there?).

Annabeth Gish also stars (probably best known as Special Agent Monica Reyes on the post-shark jump X-Files). She discovers her late husband has kept a few secrets from her, the most sinister of which appears to be behind a pad locked door in a remote area of their ranch. We aren’t shown what’s inside yet, but if I had to venture a guess, I’d have to go with either Sloth or a mammoth collection of bestiality-type porn.

The car that the diabolical antagonist uses to drop off the body in the opening scene is traced back to has-been reporter Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard), who ends up getting trapped inside said car with a bomb rigged to a cell phone timer. The detectives then receive a message from possibly Jigsaw, stating, “We’ve got some interesting times ahead.”

I hope you’re right serial killer.
I hope you’re right.

This was a solid pilot with some good twists and turns. There’s also a great scene at Detective Ruiz’ captain’s palatial estate (complete with big cats) that alone merits a look.

I give The Bridge 4 rico pan dulces out of 5.

Greg “El Cucuy” Randolph